Bibliographic production

Book output per day

From Dec 5th 2022 until May 15th 2023, 5729 books have been published including "ChatGPT" or related terms in title (see below for keywords). 


1st book appeared on Dec 5th: "The ChatGPT: All You Need To Know About The Artificial Intelligence Chatbot", by Lester S. Marquez. The only review in states "This book has only 10 pages. It's a rip-off for its price". 


Subsequently, six additional books were launched on December 9th, and the number of books published continued to increase over time, reaching a peak of 81 new books on February 27th. In total, 101 books were released in December, followed by 653 in January, 1293 in February, 1465 in March, 1562 in April and 655 in May (til 15th).


While the daily increase of new books during this period is 35.4, there has been a significant acceleration of this trend in the month of April, with 52.1 new works being added every day. May data shows for the first time a slight decrease, as the average number of new releases is 43.7 per day.

Book output by language

According to Amazon data, there are books about ChatGPT in 24 different languages. Among these languages, English accounts for almost 64.5% of the total output, with Japanese, Spanish and French, being the next languages with the highest output.


Tag cloud

We've incorporated a tag cloud visualization that displays the most common terms extracted from the book titles. Among the most frequently occurring themes in the bibliographic production are words like "money", "business", and "power". The graph is interactive, and by clicking on it, you can access the entire corpus and experiment with it in the Voyant Tools application. 


Please note that this is an experimental feature and some mistakes may be found. 

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