Flow and magnitude of posts about ChatGPT on social media and platforms

The conversation on the main social networks began on the same day the tool was launched, November 30. On that day, a peak of 81,414 tweets was recorded. It is on Twitter where the largest number of publications about ChatGPT has been detected. Although the trends are similar in the different social networks, the evolution of the impact in each of them has been very different. 
In the case of Facebook and Instagram, the impact is more notable in the number of interactions with the publications, but not in the number of publications made. 

As of June 1st, a total of 17,064,649 tweets have been published since November 30th. On Facebook, 408,577 Facebook posts have been published, which has led to 48,312,441 interactions. On Instagram, 56,330 posts have been published, leading to 101,174,488 interactions. 


The numbers are impressive, indicating the enormous conversation and buzz generated around ChatGPT and the impact on the global conversation.

In the following dataviz you can interact with the data, being able to select the trend line of each social network (or all at once, in which case we recommend you switch to a logarithmic scale for comparison).

This data will be updated in the coming days, and other possible sources of information will be included. Stay tuned!

The presence of ChatGPT in the Reddit community

A quick search on Reddit turned up two prominent subreddits: r/ChatGPT and r/ChatGPTPro. The first one has 1.562.657 followers and the second one accumulates more than 63 thousand (until 12th May). Both are the subreddits with the most users interested in this particular topic, 

Notable evidence is that both communities have steadily increased their follower base from December 2022 to June 2023. In other words, people are becoming increasingly interested in artificial intelligence, especially in generative intelligence such as ChatGPT.

However, this is not the only indicator that has increased. Likewise, the comments on the different posts of each subreddit as well as the daily posts have reported an increase in this same period.

ChatGPT according to Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool offered by Google that allows to show the interest generated by various search terms, to analyze the popularity of these terms in a given period of time. Basically, Google Trends shows how the popularity of a keyword or phrase in Google has varied over time. When you enter a keyword, Google Trends displays the results on a timeline, where you can see the popularity of the search over a given period of time. 

The search performed shows how searches for ChatGPT have skyrocketed since its launch in late November, reaching new peaks every month (the last one in March), some of them coinciding with announcements of the tool's integration with the Bing search engine. By way of comparison, searches on AI, in general, and on the Bing search engine have been included.


Wikipedia entry views

It's impressive to see the number of views the "ChatGPT" Wikipedia entry has received over the past few months. With a total of 51,678,159 views across six different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Japanese, it's clear that this topic has captured the attention of people from around the world. The fact that the data was collected over a relatively short period, highlights the increasing interest in natural language processing and artificial intelligence. This information is not only useful for those interested in the topic but also for those who are seeking to understand the impact of technology on society. Overall, the impressive number of views on this Wikipedia entry is a testament to the growing importance of AI and its role in shaping our world.

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